! Covid-19 Updated!
In this unprecedented time we all need to follow medical advice to protect those that are vulnerable in the community.  
For customers that are not aware, we are just located within the Wheatbelt Region of WA.  Thus travel to our business may be 
restricted from 12:01am 31/3/2020.  We are awaiting the list of exemptions prior to the travel ban and we keep you updated.  
In the meatime, we have plenty of potting to do so that when the virus is under control we will have plenty of stock available. 
Stay safe!

Misty Ridge Plant Farm

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Protea Plants

Below list indicates the current plants that are available at our nursery, this list will be updated monthly.  

List current as at 3/6/2019

200mm Pot - $12.00ea

250mm Pot - $20.00ea

Botanical Name
 Common Name
200mm Pot
 250mm Pot
  Leucadendron Safari Sunset
  Leucadendron Senorita
 Protea punctata
 Water Sugarbush