! Covid-19 Updated!
In this unprecedented time we all need to follow medical advice to protect those that are vulnerable in the community.  
For customers that are not aware, we are just located within the Wheatbelt Region of WA.  Thus travel to our business may be 
restricted from 12:01am 31/3/2020.  We are awaiting the list of exemptions prior to the travel ban and we keep you updated.  
In the meatime, we have plenty of potting to do so that when the virus is under control we will have plenty of stock available. 
Stay safe!

Misty Ridge Plant Farm

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Below list indicates the current plants that are available at our nursery, this list will be updated monthly.  

List current as at 3/6/2019.

50mm Tube - $2.00ea
70mm Tube - $3.00ea
Botanical Name
 Common Name
50mm Tube
 70mm Tube
 Acacia acuminata
 Raspberry Jam Tree
 Acacia baileyana
 Cootamundra Wattle
 Acacia baileyana
 Cootamundra Wattle Purple Form
 Acacia celastrifolia
 Glowing Wattle
 Acacia drummondii
 Drummond's Wattle
 Acacia floribunda
 Gossamer Wattle
 Acacia mearnsii
 Black Wattle
 Acacia nervosa
 Rib Wattle
 Acacia podalyriifolia
 Queensland Silver Wattle
 Acacia pycnantha
 Golden Wattle
 Adenanthos sericeus
 Woolly Bush
 Allocasuarina fraseriana
 Western Sheoak
 Banksia blechnifolia
 Southern Blechnum Banksia
 Banksia grandis
 Bull Banksia
 Boronia heterophylla
 Red Boronia
 Boronia megastigma
 Brown Boronia
  Endeavour Bottlebrush
 Pink Ice Bottlebrush
 Callistemon phoeniceus
 Fiery Bottlebrush
 Callitris preissii
 Rottnest Island Pine
 Calothmnus rupestris
 Mouse Ears
 Calothamnus sanguineus
 Silky leaved Blood Flower
 Yellow Pigface
 Cardinal Chris
 Chorizema cordatum
 Heart leaf Flame Pea
 Conostylis candicans
 Grey Cottonhead
 Corymbia calophylla rosea
 Pink Flower Marri
 Corymbia citriodora
 Lemon-scented Gum
 Corymbia ficifolia
  Red flowering Gum
 Cupressus macrocarpa "Wilma"
 Lemon Scented Conifer
 Dianella caerulea
 Blue Flax Lily
 Dietes bicolor
 Butterfly Iris
 Dietes grandiflora
 Wild Iris
 Eremophila glabra
 Kalbarri Carpet
 Eremophila maculata
 Thundercloud Emu Bush
 Eucalyptus caesia
 Silver Princess
 Eucalyptus erythrocorys
 Eucalyptus marginata
 Eucalyptus torquata
 Coral Gum
 Gingin Gem
 Grevillea hookeriana
 Red toothbrushes
 Grevillea robusta
 Silky Oak
 Hakea bucculenta
 Red Pokers
 Hakea cucullata
 Hood-leaf Hakea
 Hakea francisiana
 Pink Grass-leaf Hakea
 Hakea laurina
 Pin-cushion Hakea
 Hakea lissocarpha
 Honey Bush Hakea
 Hakea multilineata
 Grass-leaf Hakea
 Hypocalymma angustifolium
 White Myrtle
 Kennedia nigrans
 Black Coral Pea
 Melaleuca fulgens
 Purple Form
 Melaleuca incana
 Grey Honey Myrtle
 Melaleuca lateritia
 Robin Redbreast
 Melaleuca nesophila
 Showy Honey Myrtle 
 Talipariti tiliaceum
 Verticordia plumosa
 Plumed Feather Flower
 Edna Walling
 Jervis Gem
 Lilac & Lace
 Westringia Smokie
 Wynabbie Gem

70mm Protea Tube - $5.00ea

Botanical Name
 Common Name
 In Stock
 Safari Goldstrike
 Safari Sunset
 Leucospermum cordifolium
 Yellow Pincushion
 Pink Ice
 Protea cynaroides
 King Protea
 Protea grandiceps
 Princess Protea
 Protea neriifolium white
 White Oleander Protea
 Protea punctata
 Water Sugarbush